Cristiano Ronaldo effort are hurting Real Madrid!?

Sky Sports’ Terry Gibson thinks Cristiano Ronaldo’s scoring problems are becoming a problem for the whole Real Madrid

Ronaldo’s late goal that helped Real Madrid to beat Malaga 3-2 at the Bernabeu was only his second of the season in the league. Karim Benzema levels with Cristiano having the same amount of goals.
Sky Sports expert Gibson claims: “They are over-egging the fact that they are guilty of not scoring the goals they should have done this season so they are shooting at every opportunity, and the main culprit is Ronaldo.”
“It’s becoming like the only thing that matters for Real Madrid is Ronaldo scoring, when it isn’t. The biggest issue for them is winning games and having some sort of creative style and pattern of play, which at the moment, with the changes Zinedine Zidane is making, he is relying purely on individual ability. He is relying on Ronaldo having 20 shots a game and Benzema picking up the pieces, he is not thinking about Ronaldo’s shot when he could have crossed or passed. It’s become a real feature of their game.”
And Gibson added: “They seem to think if they score loads of goals against Malaga and APOEL then everything will be ok. I am not so sure, there are bigger issues. I want to see that style of play they had earlier in the season when they had 44 passes before scoring against Deportivo. That’s the type of play I expected to see more of this season.”

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